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Silhouette Curio

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OBS - Förbeställning!!! Silhouette Curio (fraktfritt!)

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OBS - Förbeställning! Beräknad leverans v. 40-41


The Curio is more than a cutting machine - it can cut, emboss, sketch, stipple and etch!

It features a dual carriage, adjustable base and a raised clearance bar, opening the door to new mediums like wood, foil, thicker leathers, foams and even metals. Most designs from the Design Store can be repurposed for new techniques available to you.


Purchase includes:

- one Curio machine
- Silhouette Studio software
- instructions
- one 8.5" x 6" regular base
- one 8.5" x 6" embossing mat
- one 8.5" x 6" inch cutting mat
- one cutting blade
- fine and wide embossing tools
- one power adaptor and one USB cable
- 50 exclusive designs and one month free basic subscription to the Design Store
- minimum system requirements: Windows Vista/7 or Mac OS x10.6.8 or higher


OBS! DHL delivery only.