Cuttlebug Quilling Kit - Carnation Cuttlebug Quilling Kit - Carnation


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Cuttlebug Quilling Kit - Carnation

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Build your own Carnation flowers with this Quilling Kit from Cuttlebug! This set contains: 1 Quilling Pen 4 Cutting Dies 10 Floral Wires Dies make it simple - just cut, wrap and glue! How to use: 1. Using a Cuttlebug, Wizard or Bigshot/Bigkick machine with appropriate adapters, cut the stamen and the petal strips. 2. Layer the strips and glue them together. 3. Roll the strips, stamen first, in a tight coil around the quilling pen. 4. Secure the edge with glue. 5. Gently remove the quilled flower from the pen and spread the petals. 6. Adhere flower to wire and embellish with leaves. Dies are approximately 22cm x 2.5cm Finished flower is approx. 35mm in diameter.