Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress System Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress System


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BETTERPRESS (Spellbinders)
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Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress System

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BetterPress Letterpress System by Spellbinders is an innovative way to achieve the elegant look of letterpress technique without all the mess. An easy-to-use system to produce a professional stationery style with detailed impressions that can be felt to the touch. Only four easy steps to professional results! Designed to be used with Platinum or Platinum 6 Die-Cutting & Embossing Machine and is compatible with many other die cutting machines. Includes everything to create stunning stationery.

The set includes Chase (magnetic platform to hold the press plate) and 2 Shims, Platen (clear top plate), BetterPress Press Plates, BetterPress Black Mini Ink Pad, BetterPress Cotton Card Panels (15 A2 Panels - Five Each in Three Colors of Porcelain, Bisque and Pebble), and Best Ever Craft Tape 5/8 in. x 5 yds (180 inch).